Samaikyandhra movement: A Leaderless Wonder

Posted : August 7, 2013 at 10:47 am IST by ManaTelugu
The Samaikyandhra movement has reached to unstoppable levels in Seemandhra districts right after declaration of Telangana state. The fuming youth, government employees and lawyers from Seemandhra districts have come on to the streets. Indeed, no one expected the response of Seemandhra people to be this strong.

The movement has spread to all Seemandhra districts within no time despite the absence of strong leadership. There were neither strong associations, like JACs in Telangana region, nor supporting political parties to provide thrust for this movement.

The leaders of major political parties Congress and TDP were constrained from taking up the leadership as their parties were in favour of creation of T-state. YSRCP, the only major party that sought to keep Andhra Pradesh united is not in a position to make use of the moment as its leader is in judicial remand.

Another painful precondition the political leaders need to meet to lead the Samaikyandhra movement is resignation. This has further put off the elected representatives from Seemandhra to take leadership position in Samaikyandhra movement. Unlike in 2009 December, now most of them are not willing to put their papers this time as they have realised that Sonia Gandhi is firm with her decision this time.
The discomfiture in the political parties has made Samaikyandhra movement almost a leaderless movement.

Though the organizations such APNGOs have been existent, however, they were as deep-rooted as JACs in Telangana.

However, such lacuna of leadership could not stop people from organising strong movement across Seemandhra districts. The people turned out in big number for the protests and continued to conduct bandhs and rastarokos on a continuous basis.

The participation is entirely voluntary and people are willing to bear the pain keeping their long-term future in view. The movement has reached even the remote pockets in this region as people are truly concerned about their future in divided Andhra Pradesh.

This tough response has forced the political parties to retreat from their absolute pro- Telangana stand and lead to resignations of some MPs, MLAs and Ministers.  It also sent a warning to the Congress high command that Seemandhra will not simply nod their heads to dictums of New Delhi.

The participation of resigned MLAs and MPs and gradual formation of JACs by the government employees, students and lawyers may slowly bridge the leadership gap. But, by and large, the Samaikyandhra movement is a movement without leader.