Salman declined to do Atharintiki…?

Posted : December 16, 2013 at 1:18 am IST by ManaTelugu


It seems that B-town star Salman Khan has lost his judgement in selecting remake scripts. Just recently, the famed actor watched Telugu hit ‘Atharintiki Dharedi’ at a special screening after getting to know that it was record-breaking success and took time off from his busy schedule to watch the family entertainer and even thought of producing it, if everything fell in place. However, he liked certain portions of the film and wasn’t impressed with some portions, so after giving a deep thought, he reportedly declined to do its remake, since he was not sure about its ‘wafer-thin’ plot doing well across pan-India.

‘We didn’t have any screening for Salman Khan, these rumours are false’ says source in production house. Nevertheless, producer Bogavali Prasad, who be a disappointed man since he lost Rs. 1.5 crores to Rs. 2 crores for Hindi remake rights and now looking to screen his money-spinner to few other B-town stars. What’s surprising and even shocking is- Salman not finding the story line of AD exciting enough, particularly after choosing to do the remake of nondescript and whacky Telugu film like Kick, since AD stands far ahead in comparison, which very few would dispute. Even before, Salman Khan lost a good opportunity to do the remake of comic-caper ‘Dhookudu’ and even thought of jointly producing it with Mahesh Babu, but later, dropped out, claiming the he didn’t want to play a ‘cop again’ closer to Dabbang series.

The handsome actor definitely had good reason for not doing ‘Dhookudu’ but missing out on AD, would cost him dearly, since the fun-filled family entertainer, could be picked up by his rivals like Akshay or Ajay, since humour sells even in B-town and Chennai Express is best example in the recent past, that good entertainer, with a simple plot, does work wonders. Hope Salman doesn’t regret his decision, later on.