Rosayya insults Mother Tongue

Posted : November 20, 2012 at 11:41 am IST by ManaTelugu
Tamil Nadu Governor and former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister K.Rosayya insulted his mother tongue telugu  but now is giving lectures on strengthening telugu language and its movement to save the language from getting extinct in Vizag. Many people were seen laughing hearing those comments from Rosayya.

Rosayya who always looks like a traditional telugu person with his attire, never  took any steps for the development of telugu when he was CM of the state. Even when many representations were made to him during that period for a seperate Ministry for the development of language, now started giving lectures for the development of telugu.

Ironically the same Rosayya during Arya Vysya meet in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu when everyone started speaking in telugu, he spoke in english. Entire gathering felt insulted and telugu people residing in Tamil Nadu felt insulted in front of their tamil tambis who take pride in their own language. When Rosayya himself did not chose to speak in telugu and insulted his mother tongue, tamil tambis started making fun of telugu people calling them goltis.