Romance with Aamri Khan

Posted : March 1, 2013 at 8:22 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Amir Khan’s niece Imran Khan  acted with Anushka Sharma in the film ‘Maatra ki Bizili Ka Mandola’. There is a kissing scene between Imran and Anushka . Anushka is acting as heroine in the movie ‘Pikey’ and the hero is Amir khan. There is a talk in Bollywood that there is another kissing scene between amir and Anushka. This picture is being made under the direction of Raja kumar Hirani.

In this film, Amir Khan is in the getup of Rajasthani people. In this film Sanjay Dutt is also playing another role. On the other side in the movie ‘Bang Bang’ the Hot  scenes are getting to be ready on the film actors like Hrithik Roshan  and Katrina Kaif.  This movie is coming on screen  on the base of Hollywood cinema ‘Knight And Day’