Roja in web of compromises

Posted : December 15, 2012 at 8:50 am IST by ManaTelugu

Roja has quit the Telugu Desam Party. This move has been said by many political commentators to be a blunder that she has committed. This will affect her political career and probably prove disadvantageous for her future in politics.

Senior Tollywood female actor Roja has had an amazing career in cinema, filled with its own share of bumps and blocks. As a politician, she started off her association with Telugu Desam Party. In fact she also enjoyed a prominent position in the party and was also acknowledged by the TDP chiefChandrababu Naidu, who gave her a lot of space and free hand.

But all of a sudden, she decided to switch sides and joined the YSR Congress party. This decision came out of the blue, when no one was even expecting it. In deed this decision she took must have been under the assumption that she would be given a position in YSR Congress which would be more important than her position in TDP. However, the opposite has come out to be the result of her actions.

Today, she is forced to be contended with lesser space as compared to that of the biggies like Sharmila,Vijayamma, Shoba Nagireddy and other. Her presence her been minimized to a great extent and she hardly has any role to play. Her political journey seems to be brought with an equal bumpy ride if not