He is the ‘Ring Master’ of Pawan Kalyan!

Posted : March 13, 2014 at 7:11 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Pawan Kalyan is a changed man now. He has been making more public appearances and interacting with media better than before. He also made up his mind and took the biggest decision of his life by launching his own political party. Although Pawan has many ideas to serve people, he never took that big leap till now.

Who are the people behind Pawan Kalyan’s confidence? We all know that Trivikram is playing vital role in Pawan’s decision making. But the confidence he got is from another man. He is none other than Narasimhan, an astrologer, who has won the trust of Pawan Kalyan. He is the one who advised Pawan Kalyan to launch a party it seems.

Pawan Kalyan madly respects Narasimhan as he had foreseen many things in Pawan’s life. Did you see Pawan taking the blessings of an elderly person at the launch of Attarintiki Daredi. He is Mr. Narasimhan we are talking about. He told Pawan that this is the right time to enter politics and hence Pawan is launching his party despite the uncertainty in current political arena.