‘I am not that rich’ says Nagarjuna

Posted : December 16, 2013 at 2:03 am IST by ManaTelugu


Actor Nagarjuna reckons his earnings have been grossly inflated in an article published in an international business magazine. The actor was ranked 61 in the list of 100 Celebrities compiled by the magazine with earnings of Rs 20.5 crores in the year 2013.

Admittedly Nagarjuna had tried to alert the management of the magazine that they got their numbers wrong. “Despite my repeated request and email my name appeared with non validated figures. It is my hope that respected business editors estimates are validated by individuals to be more appropriate,” fumed Nagarjuna.

The magazine rated Pawan Kalyan to be the 26 in the list of 100 highest earning celebrities in the country with annual earnings of Rs 57 crore. Mahesh Babu was ranked 54 with earnings of Rs 28.96 crore. While Ravi Teja is slotted no 68 with his earnings of Rs 13 Crore and Ram Charan stands in the 69th position with a total earning of Rs 12.67 crore. Wonder if there are more rebuttals on the way.