RGV’s short film on Lakshmi Manchu’s foot

Posted : September 13, 2014 at 9:58 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Ram Gopal Varma is an eccentric filmmaker who is known for his bizarre ideas and unconventional film making.manchu Lakshmi known for her daring nature and she was recognized as one of versatile actress in Tollywood. What will happen if RGV and Lakshmi joined for a film?It will be definitely a surprise and curiosity will certainly double among audience.

If our reliable sources are to be believed, RGV has made a short film on Manchu Lakshmi. This 2 minute short film might be on the daily routine of Manchu Lakshmi. RGV’s theme of his short film is feet, and the direction it takes during the length of 24 hours of a day! And his title, ‘ A day of Lakshmi Manchu Foot,’ is quite explicable. The filmmaker is planning to release the movie online. Apparently the film will be based on all the places that Lakshmi Manchu’s foot goes to in the span of a day. Lakshmi Manchu seems to have loved the idea.

“An excellent concept by Ram Gopal Varma. Short film coming soon,” posted the actress on her Twitter page. According to sources total manchu family including the Manchu girl’s newly born Vidya Nirvana Manchu too does a cameo, however, it’s only her feet. Produced by 24 Frames Factory, it is likely to be released online. We are quite excited..What about you.