RGV out to scare on silver screen

Posted : September 25, 2012 at 9:59 am IST by ManaTelugu
Director Ram Gopal Varma has innumerous fans just like his detractors. Whether one hates him or likes him he is a phenomenon who did wonders on Indian silver screen. But one look at the career graph many feel that he is out to scare people  who come to watch films on silver screen in theaters. Most of his films are either made on gansters and have gory elements with sound effects that send shivers down the spines. 
Though he made some romantic entertainers in between like Govinda Govinda, Rangeela or films on corporate wars like Corporate, Company etc highlighting the nexus of mafia and underworld he stuck to his strength that is scaring movie lovers with horror and thriller flicks like Raat, Kaun, Jungle, Nishabd,Phoonk,Kaun, Madhyanam Hatya, Bhoot, Agyaat. Now he is all set to come with his upcoming entertainer ‘Bhoot Returns’.
He is even turning beautiful Manisha Koirala who mesmerized all in ‘Bombay’ as Saira Banu into Bhoot in ‘Bhoot Returns’. He is even passing comments that she is best suited for the role. This itself shows his passion for horror flicks. If given a chance one feel that he will change Atiloka Sundari Sridevi into a scarry ghost to scare people.