RGV-makes money on others tears

Posted : November 2, 2012 at 1:06 pm IST by ManaTelugu
One look at Ram Gopal Varma’s films shows that he is more keen on creating hype and gain immense media attention rather than deal with the subjects in the most realistic manner telling only the unknown facts in the real life incidents. He is interested in sensationalizing the whole issue rather than deal with it in a professional manner unlike his Hollywood counter parts.
All his films right from Shiva, Govinda Govinda,Raktha Charitra, Katha Screenplay Direction Appalaraju, ‘Bezawada’ only glorified crime rather than deal with the facts. He takes a point from the real life incidents and exaggerates the whole episode but brand it as a real life story. Now he is coming up with one more film ‘Stalker’ directed by his protégé Kishore Bhargav.
RGV says the story is a true life incident involving Kangana Ranaut sister Rangoli in 2006 during which she was attacked by a stalker with acid. While sources say Kangana narrated the incident during Department shooting, her sister Rangoli said “Kangana has never spoken to Ram Gopal Varma about my acid attack. We’re not aware of anyone making a film on the incident. If someone is doing so without our consent, we’ll take legal action.” RGV was quick to wash off his hands saying “I’m not associated with Stalker. Kishore, who was my assistant, is making the film based on media reports on stalking.”