RGV Duet on Mohan Babu, Jayasudha

Posted : February 25, 2014 at 8:04 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Who can say a No to duet when there is someone like Ram Gopal Varma directing the project? All this is related to the movie of ‘Rowdy’ where in Manchu Mohan Babu, jayasudha and Manchu Vishnu, Shavi are playing lead pairs. When we say jayasudha and Mohan Babu, the pairing looks perfect because they have some sweet memories of old chemistry. This is the area where RGV exactly wanted to cash on and shot a duet song on them.

Of course, it might sound odd with this old pair shaking hips before the camera. You will go almost into coma, if reports are true that the duet song is a re-mix of ‘Rangeela’ title song. ‘I cannot believe, whether it was me who danced for the song which has come out wonderful,’ jayasudha exclaimed without revealing the exact song. Anyways, we need to wait till the release of movie in next month to say ‘Yaayire Yaayire…’