Revenge on leaving party?

Posted : January 19, 2013 at 7:37 am IST by ManaTelugu
Addanki (Prakasham district) MLA Gotti pati Ravi kumar announced that he is going to join YSR CP. He mentioned that on public interest he decided for a party change. As soon as Gottipati announced his movie into YSR CP, there were vigilance attacks on the quarries that belong to him. He alleged that, only because of leaving Congress party, I am facing this vigilance attacks. “With love and respect on Late YSR, I am moving into their party”, he said.
There were tidings that, even Darsi MLA B.Siva Prasad reddy is also joining YSR CP. And it was known that vigilance officers raided even on the quarries belong to Siva Prasad reddy in Prakasham district. Congress faced the same allegations in this case too, that vigilance attacks are planned on all the MLAs who are moving out of Congress. It seems unfair on Congress side, taking revenge on the leaders who are moving out of party on their personal interests.