Resignation of Konda group

Posted : May 13, 2013 at 12:42 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Konda Surekha and her husband Murali are unable to digest the suspension of four of their supporters by the YSR Congress leadership without even saying  a word to them. They are hurt that they were being dealt a raw deal, despite their being the first to support the family of Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy after his tragic death.

Followers of the couple are seething with anger at the way they were being treated by the party which chose to give important positions to new entrants like the TV anchor Rani Rudrama Devi. It is learnt that there would be mass resignations of the followers of the Konda couple. YSR Congress district convener Srinivasa Reddy would be the first to leave, say sources.

Srinivasa Reddy met Konda Murali  Friday morning and reportedly expressed anguish that even he was not informed of the suspension of four important functionaries of the district. It may be recalled that four followers of the Konda couple were suspended from the party for locking up the party office recently, in protest against the  importance being given to new entrants.

The meeting of Srinivasa Reddy with Murali attained importance in this backdrop. It is being said that though Murali counseled him to wait for some more time so that they could all take a decision, he is unlikely to listen. He may announce his decision to quit the party, say sources.

Meanwhile, Konda couple has been seriously studying the offer given by the BJP to join the party. BJP state president Kishan Reddy spoke to Surekha and invited her and her husband into the party. It is learnt that Kishan Reddy offered them seats of their choice as well as district leadership of the party.

Why is Jagan angry?

It is learnt that Jagan was also angry with the Konda couple. It is being said that Jagan who gave total control to the Konda couple as he was grateful to them for leaving their positions and the ruling party, was hurt by their highhanded attitude. Jagan reportedly received complaints that Surekha and her husband have been acting as they were a power unto themselves. They were not caring for anyone in the party excepting Vijayamma, said sources. It is also learnt that they imposed a condition that none in the party should interfere with the district affairs. When their followers finally locked up the district office, Jagan’s patience was worn out, say sources. It is in this context that he reportedly instructed party leaders to enforce discipline.

Though YSR Congress leaders have been stating that the Konda couple was not unhappy, the two had not come into the open and made their minds clear so far. It is being said that they had decided to leave the party. Which party to join is the question the two were now considering as they have invitations both from the Congress and the BJP. Even the Congress is reportedly feeling that Konda Surekha was a strong leader and would be useful for the party in the next elections.