Renuka to kill two birds

Posted : September 18, 2012 at 8:11 am IST by ManaTelugu
Fire brand leader of Congress from Khammam, Renuka Chowdhary aiming to kill two birds at one shot. Renuka who is maintaining calmness thought enough is enough and decided to take on KCR and Kodandaram duo who are instigating violence in the name of fighting for the cause of telangana. In the process she has taken upon herself to kill two birds at one shot.
Training her guns on TRS supremo KCR, who has been claiming that he is in Delhi only on the invitation of Sonia Gandhi and Congress High Command, she exposed his lies questioning him who asked him to come to Delhi. She dared him whether at any time did Cong high command announce or go on record that they have invited KCR for talks.
Then shifting her attention to Kondadaram who said he will write death sentence to Congress party if it don’t give telangana by Sep 30th, she said statements from Kodandararam is nothing new and speaking about international conference on Oct 1st and his opposition, she questioned him one can not help but pity him if he opposes investments and wish people of the state should lose. She said threats and warnings are not the tradition of telangana people and telangana should be achieved taking everyone along. Wonder what will be the counter from KCR and Kondandaram who are at logger heads with each other.