Reason for resign

Posted : May 20, 2013 at 11:36 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Ministers Dharmana Prasada Rao and Sabita Indra Reddy said they submitted their resignations only to see that the union and state governments would not be discredited.

Talking to the media after meeting the Chief Minister at his camp office here on Monday, Dharmana said he had submitted his resignation as long back as August last year. He said simply because CBI made some charges against them, they should not be treated guilty. He expressed anguish at being called tainted ministers. He said no one becomes guilty simply because investigative agencies make charges, which need to be proved in the court. Stating that CBI was arguing that they had hidden some facts before the cabinet and added that it was not true.

Dharmana explained that Vanpic allocations were made only through cabinet decisions. He said everything was done with the full knowledge of the cabinet. He said he still stuck to his resignation which he gave long back. He said he never gave lands to anyone and claimed that he had not signed any file.

Stating that I and I was acting as the nodal agency for the government, he said the revenue department had no authority to give lands to anyone. Strongly attacking some parties for making baseless charges against him. He expressed confidence that he would come out of the charges and stated that the judiciary in the country was functioning well. Reminding that he grew from village level to become a minister through the Congress party, Dharmana said he would remain a Congress man.

When asked how he would serve the party, Dharmana said it was up to the party leadership to decide how to use him. He said that he was determined to serve the party. He also expressed the view that Sabita Indra Reddy also not done anything improper. He said she acted as per law. When asked about his resignation, Dharmana reminded that he had submitted it last august itself.