Reason between KCR-Kodanda rift

Posted : October 10, 2012 at 7:40 am IST by ManaTelugu
Telanganiates are very much worried about the rift between TRS chief KCR and TJAC chairman Prof.Kodandaram. Ever since TRS suffered shock defeat in Mahaboobnagar by elections at the hands of BJP, thanks to TJAC supporting it, KCR is furious on Kodandaram. Though Kodandaram later tried to make bridges with KCR by supporting in Parakal elections, damage was done already. KCR is unhappy with the way Kodandaram stole the show during million march and now more recently in telangana march on necklace road, when he was in Delhi.
TNGOs tried to mediate between the two and as such they met KCR and tried to findout reason for his anger. They later met Kodandaram and felt that both have some minor differences and some unwanted elements are trying to increase the wedge between the two. They foundout that KCR came to know that TJAC and Kodandaram while seeking permission for the march from CM, told him as well as telangana ministers that if march becomes successful, then TRS and KCR can be marginalized in future. This made KCR turn red with rage.
Though Kodandaram and his aides deny these charges, TRS leaders say they have specific information about these words and they are keen to find out who is behind marginalizing TRS and KCR. TJAC feels that Union Minister who is against KCR is behind all this. When TNGO’s asked Kodandaram to meet KCR, he refused to do so saying he wont go anywhere uninvited.However TNGO tried to pacify him reasoning out that he met KCR uninvited many times.