Reason behind Naga Babu’s latest move!

Posted : March 17, 2014 at 10:30 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Actor Naga Babu is known for his soft-spoken attitude. Mega fans had a soft-corner for Naga Babu until his recent video message where he came out in open against Pawan Kalyan, just a day ahead of his public meeting. Although Naga Babu said that he is sailing with Chiranjeevi, the question is who asked him? He gave a call to all Mega fans to support Chiru which drew flak from majority of Pawan’s fans. In fact, many are opining that Ram Charan’s reaction was far better thanrn Naga Babu’s video as Charan at least, stated that personally he is withrn his uncle Pawan.

The interesting talk doing rounds in Film Nagar is that Naga Babu has done this for the future of his doting song Varun Tej who is making his acting debut. Without the backing of Chiranjeevi, i.e., Allu Aravind who manage a chunk of theatres in the State, Varun’s future might be grim and dark. This apparently compelled to make this move and support Chiru, Aravind. We hear that Chiru has given a set of instructions to all family members on the issue. Charan, Arjun, Sirish, Varun Tej, Naga Babu are reportedly acting at the behest of Chiru.

All this is just rubbish, say few other Mega fans. Whatever, Naga Babu’s video statement has certainly divided Mega fans into two halves. Stay tuned for more developments.