Reason behind Kajal crying all day

Posted : February 23, 2014 at 11:54 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Tollywood beauty bomb Kajal agarwal makes a special impact in films with her talent in acting and also makes us cry in some emotional scenes of film. But when it comes to real life she won’t be able to control that tears and when she starts crying no hero can stop her cry or make her launch until she decides to stop.

Kajal agarwal explains in her recent interview that “I was happy while acting and I will be more happy when my fans react positive on my films but I was also sad in some moments and there was a day that I still remember that I cried all day long without even taking a break for my tears to take rest”.

Kajal adds that “My sister and me are bonded to each other and it was hard for both of us to stay apart from each other. Making this real her marriage takes her away from us and I lost my control after she left I wept out whole day and was seeing her photos and pics all day remembering her”.