Reason behind Cherry’s Concession??

Posted : March 29, 2013 at 4:03 am IST by ManaTelugu
Mega Power Star Ramcharan who is under sleepless nights because of his upcoming huge budget films �Thoofan� and �Yevadu� are going to release with couple of days. Yesterday, this Mega hero celebrate his birthday in a simple manner, on this occasion he has given a bumper offer to all the producers who are willing to work with this hero.He said openly that he is ready to bring down his remuneration. He shared his thoughts from heart in a chit chat with media on the eve of his birthday.

Speaking on the occasion Cherry said Producer KS Ramarao hasn’t asked him about the remake of �Abhilasha�. He expressed his opinion that films like �Rudraveena� and �Geetanjali� would be good if done with in a budget limit. Charan has given an open offer that he is ready even to bring down his charges if any one comes up with a good story. Buzzes are spreading that he is not much confident about his Bollywood but project remake of �Zanjeer�, so to keep mark safe and due to heavy competition in industry made him to take a wise decision of reducing the remuneration, so lets us wait and see how other heroes will counter attack to Ram Charan attack.