Ravi Babu eyes Avunu sequel?

Posted : September 22, 2012 at 7:46 am IST by ManaTelugu
Innovative director Ravi Babu who spellbound all with his films like ‘Anasuya’ and ‘Amaravathi’ said ‘Avunu’ to movie lovers yesterday. Ravi Babu emerged successful thrilling viewers giving them great experience. He managed to keep audience glued to seats even though he did not include tried and tested formula of 6 songs and 4 stunts. This itself is a huge achievement for him in this heroine oriented film.

Ravi Babu managed to extract acting talent of ‘Seematapakaya’ beauty Poorna to the full potential. Ravi Babu who included a surprise element in the film in his role seems to be planning for the sequel for his film. Analysts and those who watched the film gets the feeling the way Ravi Babu ended the film. Even though the heroine survived from the assault of the evil spirt, Ravi Babu bought the film to an abrupt end showing that the spirit is still following her.

These things are quite common in Hollywood films and many feel that the abrupt ending of the story sets the stage for the sequel. It has to be seen whether Ravi Babu comes with the sequel in his very next film or will give a break and come with light entertainer as is his wont giving a break for movie lovers before attacking with Avunu sequel if he has any plans in his mind.