Rao Ramesh’s retirement plans !

Posted : February 4, 2013 at 3:10 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Rao Ramesh says Character of “Bezawada Mavayya” in 2013’s first blockbuster SVSC was indeed payback time for me .For nearly a decade of my life, i was constantly subjected to humiliation for not having a job or earning great money or living up to the benchmarks set by my father and legendary villain Rao Gopalrao .
Recollecting his trials and tribulations he said “Like Peddodu in SVSC, I was a jobless loafer for seven years in my life . Panileni Aprayojakudu antare ? I was like that . Everyone around would ask me what I was doing to earn a living . But now I am happy that my life has taken a “U” turn . I was jobless for 7 years , i used to visit Hyderabad frequently to see something could work out that period before Gamyam was frustrating on some occasions”.

He went on to add “I did not even have money to travel to Hyderabad , I just pulled on . I personally did not want to encash on my father’s reputation to get work . In SVSC movie I keep talking about oka vision ,oka goal, oka baadyata these line reflects back in my life , I admire the way actors like Shobhan Babu conducted their careers and life . They slogged for a few decades in the same way , i want to workhard ,say another 20 years or so , and then retire gracefully”