Rana’s media savvy troubles !

Posted : February 22, 2013 at 5:08 am IST by ManaTelugu
Now a days many stars take to online social networking sites to be in touch with fans and maintain media relations so that they will be in news all the time. Those who don’t have time ring up their media friends plead with them to write some gossips about them just to be in constant media attention.
When such is the competition for media attention Tollywood hot hunk Rana will not leave any opportunity even if it is of little concern to him.Recently he on his twitter reacted strongly to Kollywood hero Vikram’s comments on Southern heroes in general and how their poor planning is making them a laughing stock in Bollywood.
Rana took it personally and launched a scatching attack asking Vikram to shutup and mind his own business. This gave him immense media attention but with in minutes he removed his tweets saying all is well between him and Vikram and even tendering apologies to the star. If Rana feels that his objective of being in media attention then no one can help him but many feel that it is a good lesson for him not to over react and later tender apologies.