Rana launches scathing attack on Vikram !

Posted : February 18, 2013 at 6:19 pm IST by ManaTelugu
A casual mention of a co-star’s name to a media question initiates a fight between two big stars in Tollywood and Kollywood film industries. They are Daggubati Rana and Vikram from Kollywood, who had a good following in Telugu audiences too.

 Vikram was reportedly answering a question on his unsuccessful Bollywood stint to a Newspaper. He reportedly quoted Rana as example, “Look at Rana Daggubati. He started in the Telugu industry and came to Bollywood but he hadn’t made any headway in the south. Now he’s not bothered about the Telugu industry. To work in Bollywood, I have to leave everything and come here.”

But, this irks Rana, who in return sharply replied, “Dear Vikram, how can you bring comparison between us? I am just 2.5 years old in the industry, where as you are 25 years experienced. Instead of knowing that your career is not heading in right direction with close to 10 odd disasters in your kitty, how come you compare with me, who is hardly a beginner in the industry? I suggest you to concentrate on your own and let me on my own. Just not take anything away still a huge fan of few of your films.”