Ramu’s criminal case against Censor Officer !

Posted : November 9, 2013 at 9:45 am IST by ManaTelugu

RGV decided to file criminal complaint against Censor Officer Ram Gopal Varma’s movies are incomplete without blood bath, mafia,police chasing. If anyone try to enter Ramu’s zone it is like playing with fire. Those associated with Tollywood stay away from Ram Gopal Varma.

However censor board regional officer Dhanakshmi gave Ramu the taste of his own medicine. According to Ramu himself she tortured him so much that he spent sleepless nights over the release of his film Satya 2. He said she even abused him insulting in front of all.

Varma decided to slap criminal case against censor officer Dhanalakshmi next monday at Nampally Court. Many filmmakers and directors faced the wrath of Dhanalakshmi during their films censor and it left to maverick director Varma to take her head on.