Ramoji Rao’s secret tensions!!

Posted : August 9, 2013 at 10:57 am IST by ManaTelugu

There are many important men who gave a strong foundation to the Tollywood industry. More than just making films, they are also responsible for developing the infrastructure of the cinema circle. One person who is called a visionary in this aspect is Ramoji Rao. His best gift to cinema is Ramoji Film City.

Today, films of different languages are shot in RFC and it offers the best services. But now it is heard that Ramoji is in some secret tensions. According to sources, Ramoji is in a dilemma as to the future of Hyderabad and how the land values will be. This is because RFC is built in thousands of acres.
If Hyderabad loses its value then land prices will fall so his asset value is going to come down badly. Also, the fear that Tollywood may shift base to Vizag if Telangana is formed is reportedly disturbing Ramoji Rao. The situation in Tollywood is a little tense regarding many things but the tension of Ramoji Rao is valid.