Ram Charan’s counter to Bollywood media

Posted : August 26, 2013 at 7:29 am IST by ManaTelugu

Within Andhra Pradesh and Tollywood industry, Ram Charan is a superstar and he has great command and following. But when it comes to Bollywood, things are different. It is also heard that the media there is not like south media. They are very shrewd and more dominating than the film celebrities.

But it is heard that the mega powerstar has given his own counter to the Bollywood media. According to reports, Charan who is currently busy promoting his film ‘Zanjeer’ is being surrounded by media members with difficult questions. But he is reportedly giving some confident and intelligent answers leaving them silent.
He is accompanied by his heroine Priyanka Chopra who is adding her own glamour value but when it comes to talking something sensible Charan is doing the job. ‘Zanjeer’ is coming on September 6th and it is heard that Charan is also taking part in the local TV shows which are very popular among the home audience. This experience will show a new Charan to the north India audience.