Ram Charan turns veggie for Upasana and her lovely gift.

Posted : July 11, 2013 at 5:45 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Post the incident of road-side brawl, Charan’s image might have taken a beating and many might still assume Ram Charan as insensitive person. But it’s completely wrong. Here’s the other facet of Mega Power Star! It’s learnt that Cherry has recently turned into a vegtarian. And no, this is not for sake of health or not part of lifestyle, dietary habits. But that’s all part of Charan’s love for Upasana and her gift! Yes, what you heard is right. And here is the full story.

Upsi has gifted Charan a dog on his b’day March 27 and Cherry named it as Brat, on the name of his previous pet which lost its life six-years ago in a road accident. And hence, Cherry is keen on taking care on this Brat! Charan don’t want anything happen to it but unfortunately Brat met with an injury and got fractured to his leg and doctors inserted a rod in its leg. Moved by seeing his favourite pet enduring with pain, Charan has apparently taken a vow that he won’t eat non-vegetarian until and unless Brat gets recovered and walk, run and jump like before.

So Ram Charan turns a pure veggie for Upasana and her lovely gift.