Ram Charan-Rana’s political games?

Posted : October 9, 2013 at 6:22 am IST by ManaTelugu

No matter how much different they are, the field of politics and cinema are bonded by one way or another. In Tollywood, it is definite that some of the top level star families have strong connections with political circles. But one news which has become a hot discussion right now has come as a surprise to many.

This is the act of Ram Charan and Daggubati Rana. It is known that both are very good buddies and tend to do a lot of things. But now it is heard that both Cherry and Rana have decided to do something political. They have reportedly invited KTR, son of the TRS president KCR, for a dinner and some evening chat.

Some are saying this is because KTR is the emerging leader for Telangana and his future looks bright so both Charan and Rana are doing their best to build bridges right away. But some are criticizing this move because Cherry’s father Chiranjeevi is doing his best to salvage his image as a Samaikyandhra person so this is kind of opposing that initiative. We have to see how this political game will work.