Ram Charan in ‘Bubble Bursting’ games

Posted : February 28, 2013 at 7:59 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Many feel that Ram Charan is indulging in ‘Bubble Bursting’ games. When he made his debut in Tollywood, he never had any identity of his own but only the background of Mega Family and the huge reputation of his father Mega Star Chiranjeevi.

But come Magadheera all that changed, when he bursted the Tollywood bubble that no one can rewrite yesteryear records. He stunned all by rewriting 80 yrs of Industry’s records and though he was bit down after Orange super flop right after it, he struck back with vengeance, with Racha, Nayak and now training his guns on Bollywood.

At the beginning the director Apurva Lakhia was skeptical of Ram Charan’s prowess but after stunning all with his breathtaking dances which made him remark Jackson Ka Baap, he gave another shock to the director. He scared him away doing daredevilry stunts with out dupes.

Now Apurva Lakhia is confidently promoting his film Zanjeer, remake of yesteryear Big B starrer and seeing his confidence one feels Cherry is all set to burst Bollywood bubble also with his Mega Power.