Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiyaan Story Leaked

Posted : August 15, 2013 at 7:14 am IST by ManaTelugu

Generally, Filmmakers cry foul over the leakages of their film’s content prior to the release. However, the makers of Rajinikanth’s film ‘Kochadaiyaan’ (Vikram Simha in Telugu) have surprised everyone by taking part in the leakage of the film’s story.

In an attempt to create curiosity among the fans, Makers have revealed the basic storyline of the movie. The King (Rajini) is a very skilled ruler and takes care of all the sections of the people in his Kingdom which grows much stronger during his tenure. However, few of ministers conspire to dethrone him in some way or the other. The Prince (Rajini – Dual Role) will be born just when the Ministers have got hold of the power by implementing their plans successfully. The King then goes into hiding cutting all the ties with his kingdom and trains his son in all kinds of martial art forms and administration skills. After gaining confidence, The Prince forms a group with his close confidants and chalks out a revolutionary plan to get hold of his Kingdom from the evil-minded Ministers. The story ends on a successful note with the accomplishment of the mission.

Critics say, The latest move of ‘Kochadaiyaan’ makers is intended to create enough interest among the fans about the project and also to keep the expectations under control by mentally preparing them for the warrior flick which was made with sophisticated Visual Effects that were not seen on Indian screen till date.

‘Kochadaiyaan’ which is slated for Diwali outing will have multi-language release (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, Japanese, Chinese and Russain). Rajini’s daughter Soundarya directed this first of its kind film which is a blend of animation and live action.