Rajamouli’s counter to TV channel!

Posted : November 1, 2013 at 6:18 am IST by ManaTelugu

The making video of SS Rajamouli’s Bahubali which released on the eve of Prabhas’ birthday might have triggered a massive response on YouTube but it’s counter argument that the video format was “copied” or “inspired” also gained some weightage.

No doubt, anything about Bahubali hits headlines that is the craze over the high-budget film. And cashing in on it, a popular news channel has aired a harsh and hard-hitting story showcasing Rajamouli and his team in poor light. Not cross-checking the facts, the popular (popular mostly for its wrong stories) TV channel took a dig.

But what’s interesting is the manner in which Rajamouli reacted on whole incident. Without losing his cool, the maverick director has countered TV channel in a soft manner. Jakkanna has asked the channel to be “responsible”.

Rajamouli wrote on his twitter page, “As Shobu already clarified, we purchased the rights to video template which was used in the teaser. Anyone can buy it and use it.”

Reacting on TV channel’s report, cool and composed director replied, “I saw a TV prog which said we copied showing our teaser and template side by side. They used our music for the combined visual. Many are thinking the music is copied from the template. Wish they had been responsible.”

Though this may not be a fitting reply to TV channel, it appears that Rajamouli don’t want to prolong the issue and hence he minced his words. He wanted to played it safe so that no to make any further issues with TV channel. It’s time for channel crew to think about their story.