Rajamouli’s ‘Unbelievable’ Response

Posted : August 29, 2014 at 8:00 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Generally directors who copy scenes from Korean films and French movies are quite abundant in Telugu industry generally don’t agree with that. But geniuses like SS Rajamouli, the master of creativity and quality, admit anything frankly. Here is one such unbelievable incident.

Apparently there was a sequence in 2003 Telugu release, Vijayashanti’s ‘Shambavi IPS’ where the leading-lady is confronted by a villain’s son, who starts teasing her in front of a politician. She drops bullets in his path only to make him slip and fall from the terrace in order to get hanged to a tree due to the police-belt hanging around his neck. Of course, this reminds us of the same scene where Raviteja says in the end, ‘Police vaadey kaadu, vanti meeda uniform kooda duty chestundi’. This is from Rajamouli’s 2006 film ‘Vikramarkudu’. Now, one wonders how come a director like Rajamouli has blatantly lifted whole scene including dialogues. But the truth is something different.

“I’ve copied from other films/novels before, but not the bullets scene from Vikramarkudu. That was written by my father long back. I don’t know how that made its way into Sambhavi IPS. I neither have time nor interest to dig into it. This is for people who believe me. Those who like to believe otherwise please feel free to do so”, clarified Rajamouli, through his micro-blogging site.