IT Raid On Priyamani’s Producer

Posted : November 7, 2013 at 6:30 am IST by ManaTelugu

Just the other day, Priyamani’s latest movie ‘Chandi’ producer Dr G Srinu Babu shared with a couple of media friends that he invested a lot on the movie. But his openness has led to big blow today, it seems.

Reportedly he shared that though initial budget of the flick was planned as 3.5 crores, finally he ended up spending 10 crores and Priyamani’s remuneration alone was 75 lakhs despite her low market price. As this producer happens to own a pharmaceutical and medical research company, the burden of pooling in crores might have not affected him huge. After lot of obstacles, ‘Chandi’ is finally hitting screen tomorrow on November 8th and here comes the punch.

Unconfirmed reports in media revealed that producer G.Srinu babu is raided by Income Tax officials on Thursday morning with his movie getting ready for a release tomorrow. Film Nagar is abuzz that his open talk with media people has led to the situation where someone has passed the whole information to IT sleuths. So, one should be careful even sharing their plight with others as that may lead to another blow.