Ra Ra Krishnayya Movie Review – 2.5/5

Posted : July 4, 2014 at 8:31 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Movie : Ra Ra Krishnayya

Rating : 2.5/5 

Cast: Sandeep Kishan , Regina , Jagapathi Babu , Kalyani and others

Directed by : P. Mahesh Babu

Produced by : CH. Vamsi Krishna Sr

Banner :SVK Cinema

Music by : Achu

Release Date : 2014-07-04

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Ra Ra Krishnayya Movie Review

Sandeep Kishan’s latest film Ra Ra Krishnayya has drawn the attention of film buffs due to presence of Jagapathi Babu, a much publicized lip lock between Sandeep and Regina and also the glam factor that has dominated the promotional material.

What is it about?

Kittu (Sandeep) is a cab driver who dreams of owning a garage. He saves money to buy his own car but gets cheated by his Seth (Tanikella Bharani). In an attempt to get back his money Kittu kidnaps Seth’s daughter Nandu (Regina). She falls in love with Kittu while they are on the run. But Kittu cannot accept her love as he doesn’t want to labeled as kidnapper forever. There is a reason for Kittu to hate kidnaps. When Kittu tries to send Nandu back to Seth, she is kidnapped by Jaggu (Jagapathi Babu). Now Kittu has to go and bring back Nandu from Jaggu.


Jagapathi Babu:
 Jagapathi Babu is one of the major attractions of the movie and his rugged look as a kidnapping don is impressive. Although Jagapathi’s appearance is serious his character is dealt in a funny way. He is good in his own elements and there are some good moments for the actor to make his presence felt.

Sandeep Kishan: Sandeep Kishan suited the role to the T. He is natural as usual as a simpleton who is pushed into an extraordinary situation. His performance in the second half is very good.

Regina: Regina has made use of every opportunity she got until now. She is a very fine actress and definitely one of the major plusses of the film.

Others: Kalyani didn’t have much role to play. Tanikella Bharani is just okay. Brahmaji is good. Tagubothu Ramesh tickles your funny bone at times. Ravibabu is alright.


Music: Music by Achu is not up to the mark. All the songs have Tamil flavor to them. Background score is average.

Direction: Debutante Mahesh Babu failed to make this film interesting. The story doesn’t have too many surprises except for an interesting interval block. Director tried to make this film in a commercial format, but failed to get the screenplay right. Someone like Vinayak might have handled this film in a better way. Not everybody can handle a film that doesn’t have much substance. Special skills are needed to make such scripts work.

Others: Cinematography is neat. Kerala episode has impressive camera work. There is so much lag in the film. More than thirty minutes of runtime could have been edited out. Producer made sure to make a quality product.

Thumbs Up:

  • Jagapathi Babu
  • Regina
  • Sandeep Kishan

Thumbs Down:

  • Poor script
  • Boring Second Half
  • Pathetic Climax
  • Bad Direction


Ra Ra Krishnayya is a free-make of Bollywood hit Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, which is in turn an unofficial remake of Danny Boyle’s ‘A Life Less Ordinary’. Director Mahesh Babu made very few changes to the Bollywood script. He has failed to make it work in spite of having a successful script on hands.

Surprisingly Telugu nativity is missing in this film. Most of the scenes look like they are straight out of a Tamil film. Even the music director’s work resembles of a Tamil film. There are some comedy scenes that work here and there but Ra Ra Krishnayya falters on a whole. First half of the film runs aimlessly with some unnecessary songs thrown in between.

Interval point raises interest to some extent and second half starts on a bright note. But the film fizzles out within no time and what comes next is a bore marathon. Ra Ra Krishnayya keeps testing your patience in the final hour. Director didn’t even try to make it up with an impressive climax. This film ends up on a sour note and will find it tough to sustain at the box office for few days. Director failed to use the services of an able star cast and good production values. You may watch it at your own peril.

Verdict: Boring Krishnayya