Quid Pro Quo in Nandi awards!

Posted : October 19, 2012 at 9:16 am IST by ManaTelugu
This year the decision making for Nandi awards for Jury became extremely easy. Their work of satisfying heroes, fans associations and different groups in the industry was solved even before the jury was constituted. This is because of the entries that came for each category and while this reduced the opposition and criticism from various circles in the aftermath of jury decision, this time quid pro quo according to telangana and andhra regions also solved their problem. In order to pacify both of them the jury gave one award to andhraite and another to telanganaite.
One look a Committee Chairman Gopla Reddy’s comments that a star is different and an actor. He said for the award one should consider whehte an actor did justice to the story and his role. He went on to add that Balakrishna and Nagarjuna did justice to their roles in Sri Rama Rajyam and Rajanna but in those films, other things come into prominence unlike Dookudu where the entire film revolves around Mahesh Babu. Since SRR and Rajanna’s script did not revolve around heroes, they did not become best actors.
This is really startling. If Chairman wants to support Mahesh he could refer to his performance in Dookudu rather than belittling other stars. Stars performance should be analysed according to their role and how well they performed rather than other aspects. One should not forget that Jagapathy Babu’s role in Antapuram was of limited duration but still fetched him bet support cast some time back. Silmilar is the case of other awards. One gets feeling that since other small makers couldn’t afford to pay Rs 5000 and enter in the fray the awards selection got easy. Jury selected 100% Love for best family film. How can they select the film as in one of the song ‘pilla nee bavanistava song.. consisted of vulgar lyrics in the middle. How could they have neglected ‘Solo’ with decent storyline?.
Best song award went to ‘Amma Awani’. true that the song is well written but the lyrics are nothing new. How could the jury missed Seetaramasastry’s ‘Jagore Jago’ in Golkonda High School and his innovative and creative usage of words. Similar is Best book on films for Eswar biography. The book is not on films but is just a biography. Only Jury can answer these pertinent questions.