Protesters’ double standards

Posted : October 20, 2012 at 9:26 am IST by ManaTelugu
On one or the other emotive issue some few people take to streets, hold huge demonstrations, damage public and private properties. But one wonder whether those who are protesting are sincere in their protests. During their protests they in their media meets mix up all issues and try to strike chord with people on one or the other issue.
Yesterday saw huge demonstrations against Pawan Kalyan, Puri Jagannath’s ‘Cameraman Gangato Rambabu’. They alleged that their feelings were hurt but instead of confining themselves to the scenes which hurt their sentiments they targeted personal lives.They spit venom on the film that women are shown in bad taste, media in bad taste etc, etc.
One wonder why protesters have the double standards on these following issues

1. On women shown in bad light, there are many films in which women was shown just as glamor doll. These are the same people who enjoy to mass beats and item numbers. At that time did they not remember these issues. Why did they not protest for ‘Sorry Teacher’ and other A rated films. Most of the songs have vulgar meanings, double meaning dialogues. Hero will be seen teasing heroine, forcing them to love him irrespective of her disinterest. It is a well known fact that due to love story trash films, there were many acid attacks. Where were all these protestors. Many feel that even they indulge in eve teasing but when the same happen to their mom and sisters they will be up in arms.

2. When Nayanatara was selected for Sri Rama Rajyam many protested how could she be selected for Seetha role. But does not the same apply for Balakrishna who acted in many roles in which he killed many people. Now they allege that Pawan is a womaniser, left one and married another. They are aware that personal and professional should not be mixed. Should be confined to the topic. Pawan married another person long time back. Did they not remember this while watching Gabbar Singh and dancing to his dances.

3. They allege media is shown in bad light. Everyone is aware media is not sincere. They support one party or other. While Studio N and ETV,ABN support TDP , Sakshi supports YSRCP, T News TRS and others Cong. So where is impartiality. They only work for TRP ratings.

4. They call for attacks on personal properties. They know that they have political links and they can get away with what ever they do. Other wise any person will have fear for police cases.

5. Everyone praised Jai Bolo Telangana. Even censor board cut 12 scenes for the objectionable content. 

 Many wonder how it was selected as best film for national integration. Now Shankar is issuing statements on feelings. Did he not think twice while hurting sentiments of other region.Some are calling for ban on andhra film makers in telangana. Anyway from now onwards they will think twice on releasing their films in Nizam as they crushed their own son Dil Raju. It will affect lot of lives of telangana people who are dependent on films.
6.Everyone knows KCR and TJAC needs one issue to get into media as they are facing identity crisis. They are using the film for their advantage.