Priyamani sandwiched between NTR & ….

Posted : October 4, 2013 at 6:53 am IST by ManaTelugu

If one has to give an example of a heroine who has spoiled her career with her own hands then Priyamani’s name can be taken. Despite having a strong acting potential and striking beauty, Priyamani indulged in over exposing and showing interest only in glamour roles which has cut her career short by few years.

Now, the talk is that Priyamani has become a sandwich between Junior NTR and politics. Thinking what this is about? We are talking about Priyamani’s film ‘Chandi’ which is being promoted with full hype. The film was due for release on October 4th but the latest reports reveal the film has been postponed.

According to sources, the makers sensed that Junior NTR is going to come up with ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’ at any cost on October 10th. At the same time, the political situation in Andhra Pradesh has again taken a chaotic turn due to the cabinet note issue. As a result, director Samudra and others reportedly felt it is not a wise thing to release the film now. Let us wait to see when it will come then.