Prince to shock all

Posted : October 22, 2012 at 7:09 am IST by ManaTelugu
People especially females fall for the looks of Prince Mahesh Babu. Currently irrespective of whether one agrees or not he is the most superstar of Tollywood who is credited with showing the power of telugu films to Overseas with his film ‘Dookudu’. From then on he erased the negative tag on him that he works at snails pace. With in three months, he turned ‘Business Man’ and shook box office once again.
However there is a feeling among movie lovers and fans that though he is young and handsome, till now he never entertained them as lover boy. In all his films he will be seen in the roles of charming guy with a shocking and surprising background which will be revealed when stunning beauties start loving him. Now Sukumar who tasted success with ‘100% Love’ promises to change that image of Prince.
He says in his new film he will be seen in a different and surprise role which will spellbound all his fans and movie lovers. Now it has to be seen whether he will be seen in the role of lecturer or as a lover boy or rip off his shirt to show his six pack much to the delight of all female fans.