Prince Rahul’s love for Ja’Gun’

Posted : December 2, 2012 at 3:03 pm IST by ManaTelugu
When you go for battle field you should have all ammunition fully loaded. Many war analysts say that those in battle field will make tactical retreat before launching fresh attack. Now it seems Prince Rahula and Sonia Gandhi is coming to the terms of stark reality in Andhra Pradesh. When it chose to insult former CM YSR and throw his son Jagan out of party and send packing in jail, it did not expect him to grow in such powerful manner and such enormous proportions.

When Jagan even from jail started sending shock waves making MIM withdraw support, Cong realized that he is a formidable person and it is better to have an understanding with him. Rahul’s personal emissaries started inquiring about having a pact or trying to bring him back to Cong party and JC.Diwakar Reddy said if cases are waved off and promised CM post he will consider it.

While some say Jagan may come to party once again others rule out such possibility as he has not forgotten the treatment meted out by Sonia and Rahul. Those who know him vouch that he is not of the kind who forgets and forgive all but will exact revenge in a powerful manner.