Prakash Raj Nudity in “Ongole Gittah”

Posted : February 1, 2013 at 8:19 am IST by ManaTelugu
We Know how much importance that Bhaskar gives to actor Parkas raj In his films,after seeing his films Bommarillu and Parugu we knows that, and in his latest Directional venture of Ongole gittah same kind of importance has given to his character and the latest buzz is that he will be shown as nude in this movie though the particular Scene will be blurred . 
Actor prakash has never hesitated or felt shy before the camera While doing the scene director said,this shows the greatness of Prakash Raj that how much he effort he puts in to his acting in each and every movie. In the past versatile actor Kamal Hasan has done a nude scene in Abhay ,though the movie was a big disappointed to him that’s not the primary thing . 
In Ongole gittah Prakash raj character has given more importance after hero Ram the director said,this movie is releasing on 1’st February Kruti karbanda is playing the female lead opposite Ram for the first time.