Power star Pawan [email protected] jubilee of AD

Posted : November 10, 2013 at 10:44 am IST by ManaTelugu


Power star Pavan Kalyan says that his real strength was the fans and his admirers who had made him to improve his acting and exposure in films over last ten years.’They are my guiding angels and always suggestive of what kind of roles I should take and do ‘ he said giving his fans all credit for the success of Attarintiki Daredi .

The blockbuster has crossed Rs.100 crore in box office collections he said thanking his audience and fans who had made it possible on the 50th day celebrations of the AD at a function in Hyderabad .Industry analysts say that Power star was a born fighter and he had always battled with innovations and new concepts in his films in spite of being denied of mega hits in the last ten years.’ I have been experimenting with audience,fans and admirers opinion and that why we (myself and Trivikram Srinivas )could adapt ourselves to the desires and demands of the audience.

The power star told a crowded celebrations of the silver jubilee of AD that the fans and Telugu film audience reviews and opinions received by him and reviews had always been the bible for him to follow and correct his approach in the next films .’They have taught me what is ideal for the family as now days film going to theatres is always a family event ‘. Thanks Power star for understanding and imbibing the popular family sentiment in the Telugu film industry which was popular for its tear jerkers and emotive scenes in which NTR, ANR,Savitri and Bhanumatjhi excelled.