Posani Breathes Fire On Own ‘Caste’

Posted : August 29, 2014 at 6:37 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Caste system is so deeply rooted in our minds that in everyday life we seem to look at each and every thing with that ‘caste’ mind. Popular comedian, former writer and director Posani Krishnamurali too shocked us by connecting ‘caste’ thing to every comment he is making. In an explosive interview, Posani breathed fire on ‘Kamma’ caste, and this promo is now going viral everywhere. 

A program on a popular news channel features the guest, both as an anchor and celebrity. This time is Posani’s day out and he himself questioned as to why he is so arrogant, stark and upright. ‘There are two brats belonging to my own caste in film industry, who cry at everyone else’s growth. Those idiots comment on me badly, on my back’, says Posani, adding more cuss words in-between. ‘I’ve not bedded anyone, neither laid bed-sheets for any’, he remarked.
‘Continuously ranting that we are Kamma, what are these industry big wigs boasting off?’ he asks, taking dig at the caste he belongs to. ‘I’m Kamma and Jagan is Reddy, we couldn’t romance for long time’, Posani makes a note about his political journey. This is just a promo folks, we have to watch full movie on coming Sunday. But trouble is in store for Posani, as Caste associations are taking his rant seriously.