Poonam Cries Foul For Rape Blames

Posted : August 27, 2013 at 6:33 am IST by ManaTelugu

Dirty siren Poonam Pandey is now crying foul for pushing blame onto her for the ongoing rapes and gang-rapes in India. She feels that media made her a scapegoat ever since she is hogging the lime light with her intelligent talks on twitter.

While interacting with media, Poonam used her intelligence again asking that if there are no crimes against women in India before her arrival on the scene. She cried foul for getting targeted by moral police at a time when the law and order failed completely due to government’s inability.

‘Why blame me? I just talk on twitter, but more than me, top actresses who heave and thrust in item songs are watched a lot’, says Poonam. She stressed that pin-up beauties like her actually have nothing to do with rapes. Also she supported her dirty revealing photos on twitter saying that she is providing sexual gratification to men by her acts.

‘At least government should open beer-bars, dance-bars such that men will get erotic gratification easily. That is best to control sexual crimes against women’, said Poonam.

On a concluding note, the dirty beauty claimed that mainstream Hindi cinema is actually spoiling youths with cheap sex talks on silver screen giving reference to women’s body parts. Anyway Poonam tried to defend her acts, but still spilled some beans saying sleazy acts of cinema are spoiling youths.