Politicians fuelling T-Feelings

Posted : September 18, 2012 at 8:07 am IST by ManaTelugu
It is a known fact that politicians cutting across party lines fuel Telangana feelings among people to cover up their failure to bring T-state by now. Realising that people of telangana are angry and furious over their inability to make telangana formation a reality, all the parties and their politicians are making vitriolic statements to divert real issue. This can be seen in yesterday’s statements from Kodandaram and the counters by Congress. Similar is the case of YSRCP’s Konda Surekha and TRS leader Etela.
Kodandaram started all firing the first salvo saying Minister Sridhar Babu will meet the same fate like his father Sripada rao. Cong MLA from Sangareddy T.Jayaprakash Reddy countered it with fiery statements saying Kodandaram’s mission is only to instigate violence. Konda Surekha fired KCR’s effigy and started attacking him for his inability for bringing T state which was countered by Etela Rajender asking her to clarify her stand on Telangana. T TDP members are not lagging behind. All this shows that those who are trying to become champions of telangana are really not interested in the formation of telangana. They are only interested in their own vested political interests. Hope people will see through their true intentions and will not get carried away by their statements.