Political mileage leads VH, Ramesh fist fight in Dehradun

Posted : June 26, 2013 at 4:35 pm IST by ManaTelugu
While leaders of all other states are concentrating on how to come to the rescue of their people stranded in a dangerous situation in the flood-hit Uttarakhand, our leaders are trying to get political mileage out of the sympathy they are showing towards the stranded people.

Both the ruling Congress and opposition TDP appear to be determined to get as much public sympathy as possible from the situation ahead of elections. This resulted in a serious quarrel and a near fist fight between the TDP MP Ramesh Rathod and Congress MP V Hanuumanta Rao, in the presence of the victims and to the disgust of millions that watched the fight on TV channels. Finally police had to intervene and separate the two MPs who caught hold and pushed each other.

The dispute first started between minister Uttam Kumar Reddy and TDP MP Narayana. Both the TDP and Congress arranged two separate aircrafts at the Dehradun airport to move the stranded Telugu passengers from the flood-torn state. It is the complaint of the TDP leaders that while they brought the victims from the flood area to Dehradun, Congress leaders were standing at the airport with a broad smile welcoming them, to give an impression that it was they who came to their rescue. However, Congress leaders also said it was the TDP which tried to claim credit for the passengers they had rescued. There is also dispute over which flight to board. Like in the good old days when private bus operators used to pester the passengers to board their buses, Congress and TDP leaders pestered the passengers to board their flights. Congress leaders said while their flight was direct to Hyderabad, the TDP flight was only up to New Delhi. VH said they only told the passengers that they could go straight to Hyderabad by boarding the government flight and buses were arranged from the airport to their native places. TDP leaders also alleged that union minister Balaram Naik had abused TDP MP Narayana.

Rathod cursed the Congress by saying that people would themselves teach a fitting lesson to the party.

TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu had alleged that Congress leaders had kidnapped their bus driver so that the passengers they were bringing would miss the flight. He also said that the doctors and the medical camp they were conducting at the AP Bhavan Delhi were thrown out.

VH said Chandra Babu Naidu the leader who ruled the state for 9 years forgot his level and provoked his party men to indulge in the fight. The fight occurred right in the presence of Chandra Babu Naidu.

“Our people have climbed their way to the extreme lands and these people have just come to show off, the like of Chandrababu Naidu and his partymen. Are they humans? They don’t possess a soul. They are corrupt and want to politicise issues,” said Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhary. “Our leaders have been out there at ground zero and working for the people to rescue them,” she added.