Police- soft on Protesters-Tough on Pandals

Posted : September 29, 2012 at 7:44 am IST by ManaTelugu
Ever since Telangana moment erupted hands of Andhra Pradesh police force were tied. They are asked to bear the brunt of the protesters and bruise themselves from the volley of stones pelted on them and abuses hurled at them. So they should remain mute spectators even when they torch and burn buses and damage public property. They are used to since even if they book cases on the people who are indulging in this violence there will be pressure from top political bosses who ask for cases to be removed citing telangana sentiment. If they refuge to budge then they will be branded telangana traitors though the law enforcing authorities hail from the same region and they are just doing duty protecting public property.
Police is once again faced with the problem of dealing with Ganesh immersion and T-march the next day and then Biodiversity summit. Now that their hands are tied from taking any action on T-protesters, they are showing their anger on organizers who erected ganesh pandals. They are seen threatening them with dire consequences and warning them of cases being booked on them if they don’t immerse their idols immediately and remove the pandals.
This turned many furious and many are seen angrily questioning police whether they would do the same pressure tactics if the procession happen to be that of another religion people whom Govt prostrate before a party which advocate the feelings and aspirations of them.Wonder what answer officials and Govt got for this.