Poets disappearing from tollywood

Posted : September 15, 2012 at 7:11 am IST by ManaTelugu

Tollywood is fast witnessing disappearance of creative people who can present beautiful poetry with touching feelings. Kulasekhar who pens touching songs with small words, Sirivennela who embeds nature’s rulings in his songs, Bhuvana Chandra who toys with English and telugu words, Divakar Babu who brings back memories of great Atreaya are all disappearing from film industry due to various reasons.

Now demand is only for writers who pen dialogues or songs that include ‘nee jimmada’. Though they are fully aware that the word come with a meaning of death wish to others, it invariably finds way in films. Heroine always uses such words on hero. Even in songs all the lyrics are monotonous so much so that every one knows that after sambaram , ambaram comes. Still writers use the same old word again and again. There are very few poets and writers who can write without using words repetitively. One wonder how many are there who can pen songs without repeating the same words again and again.
Opportunities are only for those who move closely with directors, producers, music directors and heroes. After Vishwanath introduced Veturi and later Sirivennela no song writer and poet came in tollywood. Anant Sriram, Ramajogayya Sastri are still toddlers compared to the greats and film makers are not having time to scout for new talent that emerge in magazines or dailies. Recently at the ‘Yeto Vellipoindi’ audio launch, film makers did not even find it fit to include the names of lyricists on the album. One wonder whether Ilayaraja tuned songs with out being penned?.
Similar is the trend in dlalogue writing. Talented few like Tanikella Bharani and Trivikram Srinivas confined themselves as actor and director. LB.Sriram and Janardhan Maharshi are sometimes using their pen and creativity. Though there are many writers for commercial films, none of them could deliver dialogues with depth and feel. Jandhyala penned scripts and dialogues for others even after he became director. Vamsi couldn’t get any hits after Tanikella stopped writing. After the demise of KV.Mahadevan, K.Murari stopped film making. This shows the lack of writers. Trivikram Srinivas a talented writer stopped writing. It seems none of the film makers want his scripts. It is a known fact that ‘Shirdi Sai’ suffered from uninspiring songs and dialogues. One wonder why film makers did not use the services of Srivennela. May be they felt he is not that qualified. Currently one are there who can write songs like veturi.