Pic Talk: New Girl sets Hot Rules

Posted : August 27, 2014 at 2:02 am IST by ManaTelugu


Each director has a specialty and expertise at least in one factor. Other than controversies, Ram Gopal has two other factors to his best, extracting action and using the hot appeal of heroines to the fullest. There were days when RGV’s films were being watched only for heroines’ hot shows. Say it Rangeela or the latest Ice Cream, heroines are hot enough to keep the male audience stick to theaters, irrespective disaster story lines. 

Now as we have seen the first look stills of RGV’s Ice Cream 2, the new girl Naveena is blowing the minds of cine lovers with her latest photo shoot. She is wearing a playboy lingerie and her hot pose on a Royal Enfield thunderbird is hot as hell. No New heroine has gone this sleazy and revealing before her debut film. Naveena has defined a new set of hot rules and have a look her to know the pictorial definition of sensuality. This photo shoot is just a sample and wait for her to go a level ahead for Ice Cream 2!