Only Photos? Where Is Anchor??

Posted : December 12, 2013 at 11:18 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Outcome of a flick depends on what is inside the two-hour movie, but openings of the movie depend on how well the promotions have taken place. For example, when a top anchor is acting as a call-girl, proper promotions will drive youths to theatres in flocks. Check this story.

Right now, we have ‘Madhumati’, a call-girl story where anchor Udaya Bhanu is playing the lead role. Though the movie is scheduled for a release on December 13th, our hot married siren is seen nowhere at the promotional events of the movie. Till date, only hot photos of Udayabhanu are being circulated from time to time by the production house, and they are expecting those pictures to cause alarm and get openings. Earlier, makers of this movie have said that Bhanu was in USA and hence couldn’t attend audio launch. Truth is that she is not attending any event due to her tiff with maker Raj Sridhar.

Whatever may be the reason, without presence of the only starlet of this movie, there is no way ‘Madhumati’ will reach deep into minds of audiences. With just one day for the release, they should do something to bring Udayabhanu before media. Let us see what happens.