Personal attacks may backfire on Babu

Posted : October 22, 2012 at 11:00 am IST by ManaTelugu
TDP cadre and its leadership is adopting belligerent posture against YSRCP and its party leaders Vijayamma and Sharmila. It seems going by their responses they never expected Sharmila to take the counter yatra and feel that entire attention is focused on her since she being a woman. As such its Vijayawada MLC Rajendra Prasad in Vijayawada released a CD alleging that Vijayamma by carrying bible is indulging in mass conversions where ever she goes.
Today TDP’s firebrand leader Shobha Rani sought to nail Sharmila by questioning how her first husband lost his life. Whether it was an accident or she herself murdered him. She went on to question whether Brother Anil’s first wife was forced for divorce. Till recently Babu and other leaders of TDP concentrated on YS.Jagan and used to attack him personally.
However now that Jagan in jail and he is facing stiff competition from two women Vijayamma and Sharmila, he and his party couldn’t digest it anymore and are launching vitriolic personal attacks. Political analysts however feel that personal attacks that too on women backfire on Chandra Babu and all the good work of his padayatra would be undone. It is better for him to focus on peoples problems than on other leaders.
They cite that only by carrying out slanderous personal attacks on YS.Jagan they increased his popularity. Now by carrying out attacks on YSR who is still popular with people and his family, Babu is repeating the same mistake.